St. Mark’s United Methodist Church:
Your 2018 Captial Giving Pledge

Please fill out all the appropriate fields in the form below.  Your information will not be sent to the Church until you press the "Send" button.  We will do our best to acknowledge the receipt of your pledge information by email within two business days. 

Your information will be handled confidentially and only viewed by the Finance Office.  You may revise or resubmit your pledge at any time by contacting the Finance Director.  If you prefer, you can fill out a card by hand and bring it to the Church on Sunday morning or during weekday office hours.  Cards are available at the Welcome Desk in Garton Hall or can be obtained by calling the Church Office.  For any questions, contact a member of the Stewardship Team, the Church Office, or one of the MInisters.

Filling out your Pledge Commitment Card is a personal decision that we urge you to reach only after prayerful consideration of how much of your financial resources you can commit to the church. Pledge commitments are not contracts, but statements of intent. Your financial pledge remains confidential, and can be revised at any time by contacting the church Finance Office.

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
2018 Capital Giving Pledge and Gifts

Capital Giving Pledges and Gifts will reduce debt incurred during Project Saint Mark’s: The Sequel,
which includes the recent repaving of the church parking lot.

As tangible expressions of our faith, in 2018 I/we will support SMUMC’s capital needs:

Total 2018 Capital Pledge: $ Please include your total 2018 capital pledge amount.Numbers only, please., which I will fulfill as follows:

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Your commitment is confidential and can be revised at any time by contacting the Church Finance Office.