The 2019 Stewardship Theme: PROMISE and POSSIBILITY

23 September, 2018
(This the letter was sent to our congregation this fall as we began our Stewardship concerns.)

(PSALM 37:3)

When we tell our story well, we are not just recalling our past; we are allowing those stories to guide us into the future. At St. Mark’s, we occasionally take our children and youth on “adventures” or tours of the church building and grounds. One of these adventures includes going to see the covenant stone. Have you seen it? Its presence hearkens back to the biblical story of Joshua (Joshua 4) in which stones were placed as memorials which would evoke the question from children who saw them, “What do these stones mean?” The Rev. Hardy Nall would say in a letter to the church on the occasion of our fiftieth anniversary, “The covenant stone, which we set out front, was placed as a reminder of what God has done among us, and as a promise of what God will yet do, through this Christian community called St. Mark's United Methodist Church.”

God has done and is doing much through the people who have called St. Mark’s their spiritual home. Passionate and thoughtful worship has sought to touch the mind and the spirit. Christian faith has been taught and applied to real life in a context of curious truth seeking and with a determined commitment to justice. A building was constructed that was designed for diversity, for openness and awe. Then and now, the church has endeavored to embrace the Gospel of a full and inclusive welcome that is proclaimed and lived. Church groups and outside groups have found welcome here which has allowed for life changing work in healing connection.

Remembering those faithful and courageous ones who have brought us to this point, we now ask what possibilities lie before us. The theme for this year’s stewardship campaign is “Promise and Possibility.” It affords us an opportunity to be grateful for the witness of the St. Mark’s community, even as we ask what new possibilities God is placing before us.

There is a commitment card enclosed in the envelope which contains this letter. Please prayerfully consider financially supporting the promise and possibilities of our church in two ways. First, you are invited to make a pledge towards the church’s annual budget which supports our staff, our growing program of ministries, building maintenance, and much more. The second offers a way to support the church’s capital expenses, which include 2019 projects as well as debt reduction for previous projects, especially last year’s repaving of the parking lot.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the Stewardship Team or the church office. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.

Grace and peace,
St. Mark’s Stewardship Team:
Andy Cron, Deb Davis, Cyrilla Helm, Charlie Nelms, Scott Shrode, Kevin Theile, Pete Yoder, Jeremiah Young, Mary Beth Morgan, and Jimmy Moore