St. Mark’s has a number of rooms available for rent by local nonprofits and businesses, and we welcome you to contact us for more information. First, please read the FAQs below to see if your questions can be answered there.

+ Does St. Mark's rent space?

St Mark’s can offer space to community groups for meetings and events. All space must be reserved in advance by contacting the church office.

+ How much will it cost to use the St Mark’s building?

Each room at St Mark’s has a different price. For-profit groups are charged for building use. Not-for-profit groups can be offered building use space for no fee. Donations are accepted. Some events require the presence of a sound technician, custodian, or building host.

+ How do I reserve space at St Mark’s for a group?

Please call or email the church office. You will be asked to describe the event including the number of people attending, times and dates, among other details depending on the type of event.

+ Is there a kitchen we can use?

Yes, St. Mark’s has a commercial kitchen available. Food preparation can be done by those attending an event, groups can bring in prepared food, catering by an outside caterer, or prepared by St. Mark’s UMW Catering (by request and advance planning). Our commercial washing machine allows for thorough clean-up.

+ Does St Mark’s have a projector and screen?

A projector and screen along with amplified sound are available in both Garton Hall and in the Sanctuary. Our sound technician is required to use the sound and audio-visual in the sanctuary. In rooms 8 & 15, smart TVs are available to display from a computer.

+ What else do I need to know about St Mark’s building use?

There will be at least one St Mark’s staff person in the building at all times in case of emergency. We appreciate prompt arrival and departure times. Use only the spaces you have reserved, please. Plan to clean up any space used before leaving.