At St. Mark’s, a child’s inquisitive love for life and natural curiosity for The Divine is nurtured by loving adults. Our Sunday School classes teach the love of God and Jesus through an exploration of Bible stories, spiritual practices, and play. We strive to abide by Safe Sanctuaries standards (UMC guidelines for safety of minors), utilizing two background-checked adults in every room, and our lessons are developmentally appropriate for children of all ages.

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Alayna Gray, Interim Coordinator of Children's Ministries:


  • Safe spaces for spiritual inquiry and exploration

  • Awakening children to the love of God all around them

  • Creating a knowledge of and desire to emulate Christ’s love

  • Learning through hands-on acts of service to our community

  • An inspiring of conscience and moral discernment

  • Inter-generational and peer community building so our children feel at home in our church

Sunday Mornings


10:15-11:30 am, newborns to age 3

For the youngest of our community, our caregivers create a safe space that instills a sense of welcoming and care. Here, our children learn to associate church with feelings of warmth and love for decades to come. You can find us in Rooms 24 and 25.

Sunday School Classes

10:30-11:30 am, preschool to 6th grade

Children learn and grow in these classes centered on encountering Bible stories through play, drama, art, cooking, science, service, games, and spiritual practices. Special attention is given to learning how to apply moral lessons from the Bible to everyday life experiences.

All children & youth are invited to move up to the grade/age level classes where they will be in the fall. While classes are organized by age/grade level, families are welcome to choose a class that is a good fit for their child.

  • Preschool-Kindergarten: Room 22

  • 1st -2nd Grade: Room 4

  • 3rd -4th Grade: Room 9

  • 5th-6th Grade: Room 3

  • 7th-12th Grade: Youth Room 1

Other Programs

Vacation Bible School

St. Mark’s loving, skilled staff lead a Vacation Bible School each summer for kids to explore spirituality, build friendships, and have fun.

St. Mark’s Nursery School & Kindergarten


At St. Mark's, we understand that children learn through play. Play and experiential learning produce long-term gains for young children. In our community, children develop a lifelong love of learning and know that they are respected as individuals. At St. Mark's children learn to trust and are trusted. We welcome all children from birth through kindergarten. Learn more.