Sunday, October 6, 2019

That Wanted Horizon

World Communion Sunday
Rev. Phil Amerson, preaching
Lamentations 3: 19-26 and II Timothy 1: 4-7; 14

Phil Amerson writes:

My grandfather had a way of inviting neighbors to visit. He would say, 'The latch string is on the outside', meaning 'You are always welcome at our table.' Those who heard his words knew they were wanted. We live in a season of lamentation — of fear, exclusion, tears, and a widely held experience of unwantedness. As a friend recently shared with me, 'I have difficulty finding a sense of hope, a sense of direction.' Where might we find a home, a place of wantedness?

Poet David Whyte writes: 'Love may be sanctified and ennobled by its commitment to the unconditional horizon of perfection, but what makes love real in the human world seems to be our moving, struggling conversation with that wanted horizon rather than any possibility of arrival.' World Communion Sunday is an invitation to remember our wantedness, our truest home, and of the 'journey bread' that nourishes our conversations as we rediscover our wider kinship with all God's beloved ones. It reminds us of God's provisions for That Wanted Horizon.

We will celebrate Holy Communion, and will also receive new members. The Chancel Choir, under the direction of Gerry Sousa, will lead us in music. We hope to see you in worship this Sunday.